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Trying to find a niche in a haystack

In the blogosphere, there are a few commandments that all bloggers are admonished to follow, key among these commandments is to structure ones blog around a niche. For the blogger, the niche serves as a guide along what should be a clearly laid out and identifiable path through which the blogger writes and his or her audience reads. Consequently, a primary function of the niche is to structure the bloggers thoughts and ideas around a targeted topic in a way that will appeal to the audience enveloped in that niche. Ostensibly, the niche should be something the blogger can competently and enthusiastically write about. Fundamentally, the niche is the “what” the blog is all about as well as the “why” people should read the content on the blog.
For every niche, there is a blog. Fashion, gossip, tech, food, sports, politics, knitting, headbands, whatever the niche, there is mostly likely a blog dedicated to it. Then, there is my blog, the blog with no niche. The fact that my blog lacks any sort of discernible niche is not breaking news. Unlike the blogs that wax poetic about fashion or gadgets, my blog is essentially an outpouring of whatever is bouncing around inside my head. While at times entertaining, my random musings about life are not exactly a niche in the making. Are there any niche- worthy strands to be discovered in any of my random musings and/or life? Although I am tempted to answer in the negative, the truth is we all have a niche inside of us, that thing or two that sets us apart from some, while unites us with others. Typically, unearthing our niche requires that we engage in some internal heavy- lifting that may push some of us beyond our comfort zone, a place where resistance stands at the ready to stop us dead in our tracks. Resistance has definitely reared its ugly head along my niche discovery path thus far and with each appearance I’ve given it the power to drive me further away from the task of not only assigning a niche for my blog, but also accepting that there is a niche inside of me.
So, what is this blogger with no niche and a hefty volume of resistance supposed to do? The first step is to acknowledge and accept that somewhere inside of me lies a niche. This is a tough first step for me because I honestly cannot fathom what type of insight I possess that is not only suitable to be called a niche but that is also plausible enough for me to center my blog around. Fervently hoping that my random chatter will materialize into something resembling a niche is not cutting it in terms of blog development or piece of mind. The good news is once I push past resistance and hone in on a niche to explore in this blog I believe I will be better able to structure, organize, and build up a sturdy foundation from which this blog can grow. For me, growth isn’t tied to the number of views my blog generates, but rather growth in terms of developing the strength to push past resistance while strengthening my writing muscles. I want to be able to stand square in the path of resistance, stare it down, and empty it of all of the fuel I’ve fed it. If an added bonus of this exercise is an increase in readers and interaction on this blog, then wonderful, bring it on 🙂

About musingsnyc

I'm a self-professed iOS app addict who loves reading, writing, surfing the Internet and my hometown, New York City. In 2000, I graduated from the City University of New York, Hunter College, with a degree in English (writing concentration) and Political Science. In August 2009, I received an online MBA degree with a specialization in Public Administration from the University of Phoenix. For the past 8 years, I've worked as a Paralegal in the Immigration Law Unit of one of the largest not for profit law firms in New York City. Prior to my work as a Paralegal, I worked as a Traffic Coordinator and Assistant Account Executive in a New York City based Hispanic advertising agency. Throughout all of my different work and school experiences the one constant has been my love of writing. As long as I can remember, I have been jotting words down in notebooks, pieces of scrap paper, and just about any surface where ink would not dissolve. I have always been eager to share my thoughts and opinions about what is going on in the world and my personal life via writing. It would be a dream come true if I could channel my love and passion for writing into a full-time or freelance opportunity. My goal is to share my thoughts, opinions, life experiences in a thought- provoking and entertaining way with all that drop by. I love interacting with people and thus would love and greatly appreciate all feedback via the comments section of this blog.

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