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One of the fondest memories I have of my father is of him sitting next to the window in the living room reading a book. My father was a voracious reader who read books from just about every genre. The local neighborhood Spanish language bookstore is where my father spent a good chunk of his time, perusing through the shelfs for a new book(s) to read. His love of books and daily newspaper reading made him able to carry a conversation regarding almost every topic you can think of and then some. Undoubtedly, the daily sight of my father reading is what peaked my interest and eventual love of reading. As a child, there was nothing akin to the feeling of walking up and down the public library aisles in search of a book to read. Growing up poor largely precluded me from being able to buy books, but what I couldn’t buy to read, I borrowed to read. The public library was my little slice of heaven on earth.

Recently, I downloaded the Barnes and Nobles Nook app to my iPad and was able to download my current read, “The Road Through Wonderland, Surviving John Holmes,” by Dawn Schiller for free, John Holmes is a name I recall hearing once or twice, but had never known anything in-depth about prior to this book. This book explores John Holmes through the lens of Dawn Schiller who met Holmes when she was 15 years old. The whirlwind of abuse and terror that Schiller describes John Holmes inflicted upon her, I’ve since learned, was partly the inspiration for the film “Wonderland;” ” “Boogie Nights” is another film that was inspired by the life of John Holmes. I am anxious to discover how this book unfolds and am looking forward to sharing my thoughts about this book (and many others) with you.

Although my days of being able to walk up and down the aisles of the public library have dwindled, my love for seeking out new books to read remains the same. It’s my love of reading that has propelled me to begin the “Book Corner” page on this blog. Via the Book Corner, I plan to share what books I’m reading, plan to read, have read, and am interested in reading. My hope is that this page becomes an interactive space to discuss books. Feel free to drop by anytime and leave any comments and/or questions regarding what I’m reading, plan to read, or have read. Likewise, any book recommendations would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Happy reading!


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