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Wordless Wednesday: Shades of Blue

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Wordless Wednesday: Run Free

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For the runners who made it and didn’t make it across the finish line at the Boston Marathon.

May all who died due to the bombing be resting in peace, all injured healed, all those whose lives have forever been physically and psychologically altered find peace, and may all broken hearts be mended.

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Lunchtime stroll

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I’m happy that the weather has finally gotten good enough to take a stroll 🙂

Wordless Wednesday: Waiting for Spring

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Flowers in the lobby of my office building

Wordless Wednesday: Gym Truths

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Chalkboard at my gym 🙂

Still looking up…

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pic look

Work has been overbearing lately and I haven’t been able to take some pictures exclusively for Wordless Wednesday, or for that matter, write a blog post. UGH!!

Desiring to still be part of Wordless Wednesday, I’m posting a picture of the sky that I used for a photo challenge on Instagram. Cheating, I know.. However, I hope you like the picture.

Looking up

                                            Taking time to look up